Thursday, November 28, 2013

So Very Thankful For....

Thanksgiving has come quickly this year, and while I wasn't very vocal about all the wonderful many blessings I have been given, I did want to share "a few" of the many things for which I am very thankful. I tried to think of something for every day of the month, and the girls helped me as well. We wrote them down on cute paper leaves, then hung them on a line above the television. Nothing fancy or super special, but it was a good reminder throughout the month of all that we have been blessed with.
I am thankful for loving parents who have always been supportive and encouraging.
I am thankful for good schools, great teacher, and the opportunity to receive an education.
I am thankful for SNUGGLES and HUGS and KISSES.
I am thankful for the craziness and chaos that often fills our keeps us on our toes.
I am thankful for Nature. (Aiden)
I am thankful for our home (small as it may be) and for the shelter and warmth is provides.
We are thankful for Teen Beach Movie. (Reilly and Aiden)
We are thankful for gymnastics and Coach Tracy! (Aiden and Reilly)
I am thankful for Cars. (Mac)
I am thankful for exercise and for the physical ability to do it.
I am thankful for dogs. (Aiden)
I am thankful for music and for girls who love to sing and dance to it.
I am thankful for hobbies and interests and for the chance to constantly try new things.
I am thankful for Heavenly Father. (Reilly)
I am thankful for my pennies. (Aiden)
I am thankful for good, supportive friends who put up with me and all my awkwardness and imperfections.
We are thankful for the beach and the ocean, and to live where we live.
I am thankful for family, the one I was born into as well as the one I chose to be married into, and I am thankful for the love and acceptance that surrounds me, Doug, and our children.
I am thankful for Yo Gabba Gabba and Mickey Mouse. (Mac)
I am thankful to live in the beautiful are of Newport Heights and for our wonderful neighbors.
I am thankful for daddy's job. (Reilly)
I am thankful for smiley, Reilly Roo and for her cheerful, happy-go-lucky nature.
I am thankful for cheese! (Mac)
I am thankful for a washer, and dryer, and dishwasher.
I am thankful for Doug and for his hard work, and for his dedication to our family, his job, jiu jitsu, and all his endeavors.
We are thankful for all of the beautiful sunsets we are given.
We are thankful for flannel sheets and for warm, snuggly blankets.
I am thankful for books, for scriptures, for good literature, and for the ability to read.
We are thankful for cookies, cupcakes, and ALL sweet and tasty treats. (Aiden and Reilly)
I am thankful for creativity and craftiness (and for friends who inspire me to make fun things).
I am thankful for my friends. (Reilly)
I am thankful for trials, struggles, and hardships that keep us humble and help us to grow.
I am thankful for turtles. (Reilly)
I am thankful for MacKenzie and for the pure, uninhibited happiness she brings into our family.
I am thankful for the Atonement and for an ever-growing testimony of Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father, and the gospel
I am thankful for temples, for the priesthood, and for the blessings of an eternal marriage and family.
I am thankful for forgiveness, and for the chance to apologize and try to make things better.
I am thankful for TV. (Aiden)
I am thankful for volleyball. (Aiden)
I am thankful for binkies. (Mac)
We are thankful for the moon and stars and the beautiful nighttime sky.
I am thankful for Aiden Kaylin and for her sweet, sensitive, loving, sassy spirit.
I am thankful for good, healthy food...and for the not-so-healthy, but oh-so-delicious stuff as well (especially PIE, today I am especially thankful for PIE).

We hope your Thanksgiving was happy and wonderful and full of remembrances of the many, many things with which you have been blessed.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Someone Turned 33...

Happy birthday Doug!! Here is how we celebrated YOUR special day...dinner at Crab Cooker, followed by a bundtlet+ice cream cake and presents. I wish we could have done more to celebrate such a hard-working guy, but with your birthday falling on a Tuesday...well, it just wasn't in the cards. Just think about it this way, the girls and I have a whole 364 days to plan something totally awesome for next year!