Monday, May 28, 2012

Life's a Beach....

I've said it before and I'll say it plenty of times more, we sure are lucky to live where we live...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kindergarten Graduation...

Although school isn't over for a couple more days, today was the girls' official kindergarten graduation. Can I tell you how much I love their teacher? He is the only K teacher at our school who does one of these, and he has done one every year that he has taught. It was such a special day for Aiden and Reilly. They dressed up for school and got to wear their special caps and gowns; during the program there was a procession, a slide show featuring each student as they progressed throughout the year, speakers, special song performances by the kids...all-in-all, it was quite a show. And it was such an awesome way to finish off the girls' first year of school. They have enjoyed their class, loved their teacher, and have learned and grown so much since September. Congratulations graduates! You have had an amazing year!!
Particular things of note: Aiden and Reilly both received awards for successfully mastering their Rainbow words by sight; they were one group/test away from mastering the spelling of their Rainbow words. Both girls received a recognition award for completing the Accelerated Math testing for Kindergarten (something they worked very hard on all year, by their own determination, thanks to their wonderful teacher's insight to their mathematical ability). Aiden and Reilly both received awards for completing 73 Accelerated Reading books and comprehension exams, and Reilly received a special award recognizing 100% accuracy on all 73 of the comprehension exams. Amazing, right?! I know every mother is a little biased, but I have to say that I have been blessed with 2 very intelligent, hard-working, and all-around awesome girls. Here is a glimpse of the girls and their classroom endeavors from this past are compliments of Dr. Hernandez and their amazing Room Mom (I only have half of them scanned, but I'll upload the others soon).
Aiden - at the Meet and Greet the Friday before Kindergarten started
Reilly - at the Meet and Greet the Friday before Kindergarten started
Aiden - no paintbrush? No problem!
Reilly - LOVED the food centers throughout the year
Aiden - One little Indian Girl
Reilly - oreos and the cooking center - double score!
My li'l elf Aiden
My li'l elf Reilly

The Big ONE...

Someone had a birthday...the big ONE! I can't believe how quickly these past 12 months have gone by. I know I have said it plenty of times before, but you have been such an amazing blessing to me and to this family.You have such a sweet, sweet spirit...something your dad knew about you before you were born. You are, quite simply, the happiest and most easy-going little babe I know. You love life and radiate such positive energy. You are curious and inquisitive and content to move along at your own pace. You absolutely adore your sisters and your papa. You are mama's little sweetheart. You are the perfect fit for our little family and we love you so incredibly much.
Happy 1st Birthday MacKenzie! We sure do love you!!