Monday, December 15, 2008

Playtime at the Park

Earlier this week, the girls and I discovered a new park in our area...more accurately, a new playground at a park we regularly frequent. The construction on the play area has been completed for just over a month or so, but the girls and I hadn't previously had a chance to go and check it out. The playground was huge - and it had a lot of fun and different activities for the girls to play on. I made great use of the camera while the girls ran from one area to the next. AK did manage to get an "owie" at one point, but that didn't stop her from thoroughly enjoying herself. The pictures express much better than I could in words just how much AK and Roo liked their day at the park.

BTW - Roo is in the white striped shirt w/brown sweatshirt and AK is in the brown shirt w/pink sweatshirt. Roo loved the rope bridge ("Look mama...I like Spiderman!"), the dizzy devil, and the teeter-totter (or see-saw...whatever they're called). AK loved the swings (her usual fav), the wobbly stepping stones, and the rock climbing tube-thingee. I loved the fact that we got to walk to the park and back (I pushed the girls in the stroller), which meant that even mama managed to get a little bit of exercise that day.
Needless to say, we will be visiting this particular playground quite frequently from this point forward.


  1. those girls have endless amounts of energy - it reminds me of the day we had at the park last year forever ago when i took my impromptu trip down to see you guys - maybe i should do another one of those - that park DOES look fun and i just love twisty slides :)

  2. Thanks so much for that sweet comment! That seriously was so nice. You also have a blog that I love to read. I have a couple blogs I look at that are moms with twins and I am so impressed! I always wanted twins but I am not so sure I could do it. You seem to do it without missing a step!