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Friday, March 27, 2009

For the Love of Friday...

Friday is here again (all too quickly, might I add...time just needs to SLOW down), which means it's time for a peek at the things I'm loving today (sorry for the lack of pictures...we are still very much without a camera...something that I am [NOT] loving today)

1. Skuggles, hugs, and kisses from my girls...even at 3 o'clock in the morning as I'm getting pushed out of my own bed

2. Spending the evening at home with Doug

3. Catching up on family members' blogs and seeing all the fun [and some not-so-fun] things they've been up to....hey, it's the best way to stay in the loop when I live so far away from so much of my family

4. The beautiful bouquet of sunflowers sitting on our dining room table, filling our house with a little extra sunshine
5. Even better, the $3 price tag for said bouquet of sunflowers

6. Clear skies, cool weather, and fun wind storms...even if it means that my car is now filthy and in desperate need of a wash

7. Listening to Roo sing along with anything and everything she hears

8. Watching AK and Roo each develop their separate talents - AK loves to read and will often sit down with all her stuffed animals and read to them; Roo loves crayons, markers, and all things "artsy"... she's gone through so many coloring books and stacks of paper lately, it's quite amusing.

9. Seeing the simple joy a $5 pair of flipflops and a $2 bottle of new toenail polish can bring 3 year-old twins girls

10. Having AK tell me "Mama, you my bestest friend..." to which Roo responds "Yeah....and sisty, you MY bestest friend" to which I respond with "You are BOTH my best friends....I have the two best girls in the whole wide world" [while grabbing both in a tremendous bear hug and hearing their sweet giggles as they fall on my lap]


  1. Your blog is SO cute. You should design for people!

  2. cute! and you are so creative always changing the blog title. I wish i was as cool as you. love ya