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Monday, December 13, 2010

Getting Ready...

...for the Christmas holiday!

My first Christmas craft for the year...a little plaque that we can hang our stockings from. The wood piece is something I picked up a while back from the As-Is section of Ikea for $2.00, I got the hooks from Target, and everything else was found in my craft stash. Score!

After surviving a few moves, I decided to re-vamp our Christmas wreath with some new berry sprigs and sparkly poinsettias from Michaels...with the sale prices and a coupon, the total revamp was less than $3.00.

Helper Roo

Helper Aiden

Yes...we are slightly ghetto. We do not have a ladder, so Doug decided to use the car, some dining chairs, and our daughters to assist him while hanging the lights. Aiden wasn't too big a fan but Reilly LOVED it (in case her beaming smile in the photo above didn't give that away).

Doug getting silly with the girls...what can I say? These three have so much fun together.

And a more traditional photo to make me happy.

For Christmas this year, the girls got to participate in the Primary Christmas program. The kids performed a cute little Nativity program for FHE. I know I am biased, but I have to say we that Aiden and Reilly made some pretty cute barn animals! You can't really tell from Roo's expression in the photo, but the girls were super excited for their roles and they couldn't wait to perform for us!

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