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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Visiting Teaching - January 2012

I am not big on resolutions, primarily because I have a poor track record of following through with them, but one thing I am determined to be more diligent with this year is completing my Visiting Teaching each month. To help keep me motivated, I have decided to create a handout highlighting a portion of each month's message and share it here with you. Sometimes, all we need is a little boost to get ourselves going...and I hope this boost will be just enough to keep me in touch with the sisters I am blessed to visit.

First, if you are reading this and wondering to yourself "Just what in tarnations is this whole Visiting Teaching thing about?" you may find it beneficial to visit HERE and HERE and possibly READ THIS to get a better understanding of its intent and purpose.

Second, if you would like to read the full Visiting Teaching message for this month, click HERE. The message talks about how we may provide "watchcare by contacting each sister, sharing a gospel message, and seeking to know her and her family's needs....As we provide consistent and prayerful watchare, we learn how to best minister to and meet the needs of each sister and her family." My favorite part of the message was the following quote from President Thomas S. Monson "Often small acts of service are all that is required to lift and bless another" a question concerning a person's family, quick words of encouragement, a sincere compliment, a small note of thanks, a brief telephone call... . If we are observant and aware, and if we act on the promptings which come to us, we can accomplish much good."

I have been blessed to have some of the most wonderful visiting teachers and companions over the years. I did not always recognize or acknowledge the consistent and selfless acts of kindness, but in hindsight I know that their actions were inspired by promptings of the Spirit. I will never forget Shannon Harker, who was so kind to visit me and paint my toes while I was on bedrest during my pregnancy with the twins, and that was just a few months after giving birth to a baby boy. I doubt Shannon will ever know the profound impact she had on me...offering me friendship and companionship during a time when I felt so isolated and alone. And Rachel Sugden who brought me the most delicious pumpkin spice muffins during our "quarantine period" when the girls had RSV and we were not allowed to go anywhere, unders doctor's orders. Despite the chaos and mayhem that was *always* evident in our cramped 2 bedroom apartment in Arizona, and my weird schedule of working nights/going to school/being a mom, Rhonda Michie and Megan Craghead NEVER missed a monthly visit with me and the girls. More recently, the delicious meals and spur-of-the-moment "twin-nappings" provided by Jen Jackson and Katie Garcia while I was so sick during my pregnancy with MacKenzie. I will never be able to fully repay any of these sisters for their kindness and service, nor will I be able to adequately express my gratitude and appreciation for their inspiring examples of charity and selflessness.

These sisters, whether they realized or not, were diligent in providing watchcare and ministry over me and my family...and that is something I hope I will be able to do for the sisters I am blessed to visit teach.

Here is the handout I created for this month. If you would like to download a copy of it, click HERE.
Happy Visiting Teaching!

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