Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day 2012...

Our 4th of July started off great with a festive donut breakfast and a drive along the beach (we had gray skies and drizzle, so we decided to bypass the local morning parades). Darkness and fireworks couldn't come soon enough for our little twins, so they settled for getting an early start raiding our stash of poppers (and a fun time hanging out with our neighbor Pete). 
I kept myself busy in the kitchen (gasp!! Yes - Becky in the kitchen - you read that correctly), preparing food for some friends who were coming over for an evening BBQ. I made pasta salad, bacon & potato salad, sliced up some watermelon, shucked corn on the cobb, sliced up the fixings for the burgers, etc, was all pretty traditional fanfare, but (luckily) the food spirits were on my side and it all turned out to be pretty tasty. While I was busy in the kitchen, Doug and the girls got started with the fireworks...
It stayed chilly and overcast for most of the day, so we pulled out our makeshift fire pit and had our own little bonfire going on.
Yes, I am THAT kind of mother who shamelessly dresses her children up in festive holiday attire with the sole purpose of snapping a photo or two...but in all honesty, Mac's sisters are responsible for picking out the little Uncle Sam hat.
As you can see, Doug and Uncle Dan stocked us up very well for the night (boys will be boys).
Our street is officially the COOLEST street ever. So many fireworks, so much fun, such a wonderful way to celebrate this country, our heritage, and our freedom.
Hope your 4th of July was every bit as wonderful as ours!

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