Thursday, December 27, 2007

Belated Holiday Wishes

I am a little late in saying this, but since I was not able to call everyone on the 25th as I may have wished, I just want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to anyone who may be reading this. I hope that you are enjoying the special spirit that this wonderful time of year brings about. We hope that your homes were filled with as much laughter, joy, and love as ours was! Here are some pictures of our holiday festivities...

Making gingerbread houses with the cousins on Christmas Eve (A)

More gingerbread fun (R)

Christmas morning...time to give and open presents! What FUN!!

Happy New Year, everyone! We wish you the best for 2008!


  1. I can't wait to see you all next week.
    BEST.NEW YEAR'S.GIFT.EVER. (thanks Brit for getting married and for being from AZ)

    Love you!

  2. There jammies are soooo cute? where are they from? they look like they had fun!