Sunday, July 27, 2008

Calling All Moms....Calling All Moms!

SO, I am seeking the advice of all moms in how to deal with an extremely picky eater, who seemingly grows pickier with each new day. As many of you know, my first born (bless her heart) has always been a very selective eater. It has now progressed to the point where she will only drink milk, and it has to be from a sippy cup. Forget the fruits or veggies or breads or noodles or anything...lately, the one and only thing she wants is milk (the only exceptions to this would be chicken nuggets and french fries). I fear I may have fueled the development of this behavior, as I thought I was doing good in trying to avoid the monumental tantrums that occur when said beverage is denied. However, I know that my little girl cannot live on milk alone, which is where the help, guidance, and suggestions from you other mothers is needed.

If any of you have had to deal with a similar issue, or if you can share any insight on how to get my child to eat real food (or any food other than chicken nuggets and french fries), or even if you have a knockout, never-fails recipe that your kids love, I would greatly, GREATLY appreciate any help you could give. I'll say my thanks in this point, I am sure that anything is better than what I am doing!


  1. Becky I had to laugh when I read this post! Easton went through this at age 2 and Zachary is going through it right now (he's 2). I don't know if it has to do with the age or not. This is what I did. With E I just went with it: he ate his meals if he was hungry and if he wasn't I didn't make him eat. A couple catches though, NO snacks in between meals and "NO! I am not a short-order cook!" He ate what I made or he didn't eat at all (I'm not nice enough to make everyone a different thing at one meal time). They won't die of starvation, I promise!! I'm doing the same with Z right now. I don't know if this is the right way of doing it, but it works for us. Geez, I sound really mean in this comment!... oh well.

  2. Keegan is on a ramen noodle, french fries and chicken nugget kick right now, so I'm not sure how much help I will be with the suggestions.

    We've started putting a little protein powder in his milk each morning, to try and get him to put on a little weight, but I don't know if it will really do much. For the most part, the french fries are from the store (Ore Ida makes some really good ones that actually taste like Burger King fries) so I don't feel quite so bad about it.

    There's always Jamba Juice/Robeks smoothies (or ones you make at home)...with a little protein powder or vitamins, it's like a full meal, and they really are perfect in the summer. Again, I know this isn't much help. Just know that we are thinking of you and wishing that I could help you with getting her to eat.

  3. Have you heard of the cook book "deceptively delicious"? It is a recipe book that has recipes to sneak in veggies for your kids. I checked it out and it has some good recipes. you make smoothies? That is a great way to put in yogurt and veggies and fruit. Plus, the kids like them. Also, try making salsa. Kids like to dip things.

    Just a few thoughts. I am having issues with Hannah and textures. If her food isn't pureed she gags. She is only 11 months old and doesn't even have 1 tooth. Well, her 1 tooth is just barely sticking out. So, I am battling her gagging and spitting her food out.

    Good luck!

  4. know what I say? Dont worry about what anyone else says or thinks. If she only wants nuggets and fries for a while, let her! She won't die I promise. She will come around to other foods. Just keep offering her different things with her nuggets and maybe she'll like it. She may even get sick of it eventually. Try apples and caramel dip. Kids love to dunk stuff!

  5. At cost co you can buy these sweet potatoes that are cut into fries, they are in the big cooler, I just sprinkle them with season salt & broil them. Mia loves them, the're just like real french fries. Also there are 2 really good cook books, well actually I don't have eather one, but I have tried recipies from both, But they both sneak fruits & veggies into all kinds of things from deserts to main dishes. The first is "How to Cheat on Your Husband in the Kitchen" and the other is "Deceptively Delicious" Good Luck! By the way I still want to get together sometime.