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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday Tag

This one was kind of fun...ENJOY!

I am...trying to be better
I think...about anything, and everything, all the time. My brain doesn't seem to have an on/off switch, which is why I can't sleep most nights.
I heart...Doug, my girls, my family and friends, Target, craigslist, El Pollo Loco, Oceanside, food, fresh flowers...and the list goes on
I dance...all the time, whether there is music or not. Sometimes I can get the the girls to join in, but lately they've been telling me "Stop that mama. You stop that right now!"
I be done with school, to be out of debt, to be in a home in Oceanside, to lose 10-15 pounds or just learn to be happy with myself, to be a good mother and wife
I amazing husband, two patient and loving daughters, and the most wonderful family and friends. What more do I really need?
I am scared of...disappointment and failure
I hate...losing my temper with Doug or the girls; I should be able to control my emotions better than I do.
I miss...sunsets at the beach in Oceanside
I write...when I get mad, because I can express myself much better in writing; if I try to talk when I'm angry, I just get all flustered and tongue-tied
I wish...I were sleeping

1 comment:

  1. fun tag. I too think way too much, wish we lived in oside, and many other of the same things you expressed. I love that you wrote it at 3:35. up can't sleep like many of my nights. I am so happy you are a part of my life.