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Friday, September 18, 2009

The Best of Both Worlds...

Well, it's official folks....we have entered into the Hannah Montana craze at the Hoopes' household. By some random, unexplainable phenomenon - the girls have become hooked. They love hannatana (as they call her) and walk around everywhere singing her songs. While I'm still a little ambivalent about their new found love, I have to admit it is pretty cute to see them dancing around and singing - striking poses like the little divas I know they are.

I didn't think the girls would hop on the Hannah train for a few years still...apparently I was wrong. Oh heaven, help us!


  1. good luck with that! Ashley went through it for about a year. I am glad it is kind over. Miss those little things

  2. welcome to my world - it's going to be a fabulous ride!!