Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rascally Rodents... appears we have a mouse.
A mouse that likes chocolate brownies.
The gooey middle part of the brownies.
And the top flakes.
But not the edges.

This little mouse is sneaky.
And quiet...she didn't even make a squeak.
Although I didn't catch the mouse in action,
I think she looks something like this...

We have decided to call the mouse Roo.


The girls and I picked up Doug from work for a lunch date at Costco. The following conversation took place while driving to pick him up...

Roo: Mom...guess what I saw last night?
Me: What?
Roo: A MOLE!
Me: A mole? Where did you see that?
Roo: In my house...
Aiden (in the background): Grandpa's house has moles...lots of them. In his yard.
Me:  Hmmm...what was the mole's name?
Roo: Diggy...Diggy the mole.
Me: Really? And he was really in the house, huh?
Roo: Yup. He was in my special flower tree.
Me: And what was he doing in the tree?
Roo: Well...he wasn't in the tree for long. He was digging. Digging a hole...cuz that's what moles do.
Aiden (in the background): Moles dig lots of holes in Grandpa's yard...I saw them last night when we were there.
Roo: Do you know what he was digging for, mom?
Me: No. What was he digging for?
Roo: My buried treasure...the one I hid in the ground.
Me: Really? Did he find it?
Roo: No. He didn't get my gold...but when I looked for it this morning, I couldn't find it. It must be lost.
Aiden: Oh-no, Reilly! That wasn't very nice...I don't like those stinky moles.
Roo: It's okay Aiden...I don't think Digger took the buried treasure. Because he's my friend. And friends don't take things. If he took it he would bring it back.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love these girls? They provide endless entertainment and have such great imaginations. Reilly is proving to be our talker...and she loves to tell stories just like her papa and Granpa H. Aiden is turning out to be our artistic one...she loves paper and drawing and practicing her letters. And don't worry...there wasn't really a mole. Or a mouse. The only two rascally rodents in this house are our two little girls...and I happen to think they are the two cutest little rodents around!!

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  1. I will make the supreme sacrifice and dispose of any remaining edges from your brownies...they really are the best part of the brownie and from what I have learned, pack the most nutrients!! :o) Love you and those little girls so much!!