Saturday, March 19, 2011

Things to Remember...

Since my memory fails me often (even more so during this pregnancy), here are a few recent conversations/events/happenings that I want to remember for years to come...

(Occurred at the park the other day, while I was pushing Aiden on the swing...Reilly was busily trying to conquer the monkey bars)

Aiden: "Mama...are you going to marry daddy again?"

Me: (a little surprised by the question) "Well, papa and I are married now...usually you don't get married more than once to the same person."

Aiden: "But, that's not fair."

Me: "Sweetie...I'm confused. I'm not sure I understand what you mean..."

Aiden: "Mom, I want to be able to go to your wedding. I want to be at the temple with you and dad, and me and Reilly can wear beautiful dresses just like you did. Can we do that?"

Me: "We can walk around the temple anytime you want...and when you're older, we can go inside together as a family."

Aiden: "And the wedding party....can we have a party and dress up and dance like you and papa did?"

Me: "We'll have to see what we can do about the party, okay?"

Aiden: "Okay. That sounds like a good plan."


The other night, after we said good-night and tucked the girls into bed, they decided to stay up and talk for a while. I went in after about 20 minutes and discovered that Aiden had climbed out of her bed into the top bunk with Reilly. "We're just telling stories to each other,'s okay. We're talking softly." Since the rule is they can talk softly after prayers as long as they stay in their own beds, I helped Aiden down and tucked her back in.

About 30 minutes later, the girls were still talking so Doug went into the room. "Dad, we're just telling bedtime stories to each other. It's okay...we're in our own beds." Doug laid down on the floor and asked what the stories were about....the girls then hopped out of bed, grabbed some blankets and pillows, and joined Doug on the floor. The three of them snuggled together and told bedtime stories until the girls finally fell asleep. Yes, it was a late night...but totally worth the time that Doug got to spend with his little girls.

(Said by Reilly...this was a recent wish on a wishing flower...)
"I wish, I wish....that dad would come home right now and that we could have lots and lots of money so that I could have my daddy back and he wouldn't have to work...but not that he would get fired, because that's not very nice."


(Reilly whispered this in my ear while we watched Tangled at the cheap-o was during a part where the old lady was being particularly cruel to Rapunzel)

Reilly: "Mom - please don't ever be mean to me like that. She is not very nice for making her cry."

Me: "Don't worry...I don't ever want to make you cry."

Reilly: "Thanks mama. She's not like you, at all...she's not a good mom. I really love you."

Me: "Thanks, Roo...I really love you too."

(Yup...that sweet little girl made me cry right then and there. I don't deserve these girls...they are so sincere and genuine, and they have such big hearts...I learn a lot from them and their examples)


Every night, after we say prayers and get the girls tucked into bed, Aiden hugs my belly, gives it a kiss, and whispers good-night to her baby sister. Reilly loves to snuggle up to me during the day and pat her hand over my belly....she usually nuzzles in and whispers "hi."

Although each girl is demonstrating different traits/characteristics/reactions to this baby girl growing in my belly, I have no doubt that BOTH are going to be a wonderful big sisters. Aiden is very excited to help with bathing and feeding and changing diapers (she says that now, but I'm sure it will change once the baby comes) and Reilly cannot wait to share her clothes and teach her to ride a bike and swing on the monkey bars.


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