Monday, July 18, 2011

Again?! Are You Kidding Me...

Yes. It happened again.

For the second time (third if you count a practice run on some poor, unsuspecting Barbie dolls). 
But this time, both girls participated, not just one.


This time the damage was irreperable and the only thing we can do is wait and give it time to fix itself. Too bad school starts in a month. Think anyone will notice?


 Guess we'll need to get creative with headbands.

And hats. And comb-overs. And maybe even try some clip-on hair extensions if we get desperate enough.

One day, I will look back at this and laugh. It is just hair, after all, and it will grow back. But today, right now, I am not laughing. I am angry. I am frustrated. I feel like a complete failure as a mom. And I may have cried a little. And I probably yelled some. Okay, I probably yelled a lot.


Not probably. Definitely. I definitely yelled. But can you blame me?!


And I threw the scissors away. Again. But they have a habit of magically reappearing.


All this, and yet I still love my girls. They worked me today. Hands down, they kicked my butt. But messed up bangs and all, they really are the cutest things around.


Just don't tell them I said that. I need to be mad for just a little while longer.

P.S. Thank you Sherri for doing what you could to try and fix their hair. You're awesome.

And, just in case you are wondering what kind of mother allows her 5 1/2-year olds to play with scissors unsupervised, I feel the need to explain that the girls snuck them into their room after they found them in the special hiding spot they placed them in last week after they dug them out of the trash. The scissors had been thrown away as punishment for chopping off all the hair on their Barbie dolls. I thought they were long gone. 

My mistake for not double checking.

I also happened to be a little distracted today with the littlest one, who did not fare well after receiving her 2-month immunizations. A nasty rash and swelling and lots of pain that neither motrin, tylenol, nor cold compresses could relieve forced us to return to the doctor for a steroid shot...yes, another shot.

Go figure.

But it did the trick. And after a long day of being in pain, not eating, and uncontrollable crying, MacKenzie calmed down and was finally able to sleep.

Poor thing. Definitely a rough day for all.

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  1. I swear I will drop the fabric flowers in the mail tomorrow. I ended up tending Ryan's nieces this week while Teresa is at girls camp and I can't fit everyone in my car so I can't go anywhere that isn't within walking distance. But I will do it tomorrow when they leave. Love you! CUTE girls even with short bangs :)