Saturday, July 2, 2011

So Much For Trying...

Do you remember back in February when I put lots of time, thought, and hard work into making this ABC Canvas for the girls? 


Well...unfortunately the girls decided to add their own artistic touches to it using orange marker and a Sharpie. I nearly cried when I saw that the special gift I made just for them had been ruined.  There was no hope of saving it, no sense in even trying.


Guess I won't be making them anything new any time soon (although seeing the smiley faces on the ice creams cones does make me chuckle now...but definitely not when I discovered their artistic contributions). Maybe this is their way of acting out to all the changes that have taken place in our family? Many people warned me this would happen...with the new baby and all. But really?! Do they have to be so destructive all the time??

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