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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another Confession...

It's time to come clean. Again.
Time to admit that I am a faker.
I would like to think I can sew, but deep down inside, I know I am just fooling myself.
I can handle a basic stitch or two, but the problem is that I get all sorts of
brilliant sewing ideas in my head...and then I fail completely on the execution.

Point in case, Reilly really, REALLY wanted to be Spider Girl for Halloween. Pink Spider Girl.
And after spending a few days battling my machine, I finally had to give up and admit defeat.
Then came the task of finding something else that I could make last minute for Reilly.
Since Aiden is going to be a witch, we came up with the idea of being a mummy princess.

I found an idea online that I think I can copy. The sewing is pretty simple, but I think (hope) it will look super cute when it's done. Here's a preview of where we are at so far...
Roo isn't totally certain about the costume change, but she is warming up to the idea. Let's hope the finished product will win her over.

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