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Monday, October 3, 2011


So here we are...five weeks into school...and the girls absolutely LOVE homework. Who would have thought, right? Every day on our walk home from school, the girls ask me what they get to do for homework. Most days, I have to make something up since they get a weekly packet of work on Monday and the girls like to finish that all in one afternoon. I'm not going to complain - I hope the girls love for learning continues to grow over the years.

Here's a peak into our typical afternoon...snacks, crayons, and fun-filled homework packets.  

It has been fun to see the differences in the girls' work they color (Aiden loves all kinds of colors but Reilly usually alternates 2 or 3), how they organize things (Aiden colors everything first, then cuts, then glues; Reilly colors/cuts/glues one or two things at a time, then goes back for another one or two things and repeats the process), how they write (Aiden is starting to alternate between uppercase and lowercase letters; Reilly still prefers to write all in capital letters), how they glue things (Aiden puts the glue on the intended square of the background paper, going in order from left to right, top to bottom; Reilly lathers it onto the small piece then places it randomly onto the background paper)....just fun little differences the further prove their individuality.

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