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Friday, November 4, 2011


This week has been a big one for the Tooth Fairy...the girls have lost 3 teeth between the two of them (2 for Aiden, 1 for Reilly). The girls were ecstatic...they have been telling anyone and everyone willing to listen that they have finally started losing their teeth. Whenever asked if they got something in return from the Tooth Fairy, their reply was " 10 bucks!!" (DISCLAIMER: No, they did not receive 10 bucks...they received a dollar per tooth. I was amazed at the rate of inflation since I was a kid). excitement in our household. Here are some pictures to convey Reilly and Aiden's happiness.
10/30/2011: Aiden lost her first tooth at home, right at bedtime. Although I had plans to make a cute tooth pillow/holder (kinda of like THIS one), this tooth loss caught all of us by surprise and we had to settle for a quicky tooth envelope. Her 2nd tooth came out 3 days later.

10/31/2011: Reilly lost her tooth the very next day while at school. She got to go to the nurse's office and pick out a tiny little treasure box in which to hold her tooth until she got home. She was super excited and couldn't wait to share the news and show off her nifty little treasure.

Our toothless twins...aren't they cute?!

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