Thursday, April 5, 2012


Aiden and Reilly participated in a jog-a-thon for their school...and they couldn't have had more fun! The girls were a little bummed after missing the Spirit Run sponsored by the school district last month, so this was an alternative they were super-excited to participate in. The day started off with a Parade of Nations, in which every class represented a different country. Can you guess what country A&R's class chose?!
Then came the jogathon, which was organized by the PTA. Two classes from each grade ran the track at the same time. It was really fun to see Reilly and Aiden at school, in action, with their friends and teachers. MacKenzie helped cheer on her big sisters...we made little signs with their names on that we put on the stroller for when they ran past, and Mac and I even ran a few laps with the girls when they needed a little extra encouragement. Here are some pics from the run...I know they aren't super clear, but I had only my camera phone with me. Note to self for future sporting events: camera phone + kids in motion = some not-so-great photos.
Aiden decided to wear her beat-up old running shoes so that she'd go extra fast today, Reilly opted for her good ol' chucks because she doesn't like the way running shoes feel on her feet. They slept in their jogathon shirts the night before because they were SO excited about the run.
After the kindergarteners were finished, they got to have some tasty treats to help cool down. Since I don't get the opportunity to volunteer in the classroom, I really enjoy the special moments when I get to see the girls doing their "school thing." I hate that my little girls are growing up, but I love seeing how happy they are as they learn and discover and try out new things. 

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