Thursday, March 29, 2012

We LOVE Gymnastics...

The girls have been lucky to participate in some gymnastics classes this past month with their favorite coach EVER, Coach Tracy. Happy, ecstatic, overjoyed...all words that could describe how they are when they're on the mats. They love gymnastics. Love. Love. Love. Thanks Tracy for making tumbling time so much fun!!
It might be fun to remember down the road what the girls' favorite things are right now. SO, at the moment, Aiden's favorite thing to do is a Straddle Roll and Reilly's favorite thing to do is a Cartwheel. Both girls love the back-walkover wheel and the mini trampolines as well. The two older girls (they are sisters) in the class are amazing...and Aiden and Reilly quickly became their little shadows. These photos are from their final day of class, their show day, and Aiden and Reilly were a little disappointed that they weren't going to be able to continue on for the next session. Hopefully we can get the girls into something over the summer...but in the meantime, they will have to settle for tumbling around at home on the gym mats I was lucky enough to find at Goodwill last week (have I mentioned how much I love bargain-hunting?!).
Happy tumbling everyone!!

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