Wednesday, March 21, 2012

10 Months New....

Uh-oh....we are in the double digits now. That means we are getting close to the one year mark...something I am absolutely NOT ready for. Time has been moving too quickly with this little baby girl...she is constantly moving and trying to keep up with her big sisters. I remember time going by fast with the twins, but I just figured that's because there were 2 babies to look after and everything was a blur. I had hoped that things wouldn't go by as quickly with MacKenzie, but I'm afraid that's not the case. However - rather than sit here and lament about how time is slipping by, this post should be focusing on MacKenzie's monthly milestones. Here's looking at you, you adorable 10-month old girl!

Monthly Tid-bits... I now have 6 1/2 teeth, and my back gums have started swelling where my molars are going to come in. I scoot and army crawl, and while I have started pulling myself up onto things (like the drawers on the TV dresser), I am not ready to try walking yet. I love mealtime and am willing to try most anything. I'm a pretty messy eater but that ensures I get to enjoy my favorite part of the day - bathtime. 

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