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Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy, Happy Birthday Girls...

So, what's a girl (or two) supposed to do when her birthday happens to fall on the same day as a baby cousin's blessing? You take that birthday out of town and live it up as best as you can!! Our little twinsers turned 7 this past weekend, and they got to celebrate their birthday down in (semi) sunny San Diego with family! Here are the birthday girls on their last morning as 6 year olds...
Doug and I decorated the outside of their doorway and into the hallway with streamers and a banner. We covered both their bedroom floor and the hallway floor with a LOT of blown up balloons...our girls love balloons. Even Mac was super excited when she woke up on the big day...she sure loves her older sisters.
We had to be at a baby blessing early Sunday morning, so we decided to go down on Saturday and spend the night in a hotel. The girls absolutely LOVED would have thought we were taking them to Disneyland! Here they are on their special day, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after staying the night in their cool, posh hotel room (they thought it was pretty even showed them the "right" way to jump on the very bouncy bed) 
And here is little Miss Aiden enjoying her birthday dinner at Ruby's on the Oceanside pier...
And birthday girl Reilly (notice the cute little flower crown? That was a gift from her uber-talented Aunt Cynthia....SOOO cute, right?)
And we all know how my girls love making silly faces...some things don't change with age
Despite the chilly winter breeze, Aiden and Reilly wanted to eat their meals outside, on the rooftop deck. So of course, we obliged...and enjoyed the beautiful view! We all got a kick out of the starfish that (somehow) ended up on the roof of the tower. Do seagulls normally stash snacks away for later?
And, even though the milkshakes at Ruby's were pretty tasty, no birthday is complete without cake...and cake is just what we had to finish off Aiden and Reilly's birthday.  
It is hard for me to believe I am the mother of two incredibly sweet, smart, funny, loving, sassy pants, beautiful little 7 year-olds. I have learned so much from these two girls, and I know I will continue to learn from them in the many years ahead. They are my heart and soul. And even though we have the occasional rough day, I am so glad they are quick to forgive their imperfect mother for all the mistakes she makes. And believe me, the mistakes are frequent. I'm not sure why these two chose me over all the other amazing moms out there there to be their mother, but I am very grateful they did. I love them more than they understand, and I hope I have done right by them these past 7 years.  
Happy 7th birthday baby girls!! I love you Aiden! I love you Reilly!

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