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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

In-Class Birthday Celebration - Aiden

We are getting close to the twins' birthday, and today was Aiden's special day to celebrate in class.
Unfortunately her teacher was (still) out sick (poor thing!), but instructions were left for the substitute so we were still able to par-tay! For birthday celebration, each kids writes a special letter to the birthday girl/boy saying what they like about that person or why that person is special. Each page is then bound together and the birthday girl/boy gets to go home with a custom-made birthday book. I'm not sure if Aiden was happier about the book or the fact that she got to color the cover, either way, she was one happy (un)birthday girl. At the end of it all, everyone sings happy birthday and then Aiden got to pass out special birthday goody bags to her classmates. Talk about a fun way to make this (soon-to-be) birthday girl feel very, very special!!
In addition to the birthday celebration, Aiden and Reilly's class had a Thanksgiving celebration today. I had volunteered to bring veggies, and what better way to present them than as a veggie turkey! Gobble, gobble little ones... 

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