Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween Recap

Halloween was a lot of fun. We had most of Doug's family in town, so it was great for all the cousins to get together and tackle the neighborhood. We had a potluck dinner of chili, Halloween pasta salad (the noodles were in the shape of ghosts and bats - very cute and tasty), homemade salsa, veggies, cupcakes, Mother's famous sugar cookies, and all sorts of delicious goodies.

AK was dressed as a lion, and Roo was dressed as a zebra. Not too original, but we thought the theme was appropriate since AK still enjoys biting everything and everyone - especially her sister. I admit I am biased, but I think my little girls were the cutest pair of jungle animals out there. I will get pictures posted once I receive some from Doug's family - once again, Doug and I were without a camera since our charger is MIA and I completely spaced on going out to buy one. Since Doug's sister is now working in a photo studio, I may even take the girls in and get professional pics in their Halloween digs...we'll see how that goes...maybe I'll just settle for 2-year birthday pictures instead (yes, the days are quickly counting down until my babies turn two...YIKES!)

This week has been a blast, in spite of the flu bug that we have all seemed to contract. I guess I should have heeded my own advice and taken my entire family in for flu shots a few weeks ago. Roo got the bug first, then AK, and now Doug and I are battling the nasty little pest. We are trying to keep our spirits high - hopefully we can conquer this thing early in the flu season, and not be affected by it during the holidays. Again...we'll see how that goes. :0)

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  1. I can't wait to see pics of those girls all dressed up in their jungle finery. YIKES is right, by the way...I can't believe that they are almost two! Time goes by way too fast.