Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I've been tagged... my sister Cynth (thanks for catching me mid-packing session for our move next week - the house is a mess). ANYWAY - here are the rules of the game: 10 photos (minimum), take them right away, NO CLEANING UP FIRST, then you get to tag 5 people.

1. Dream Vacation: Doug and I have always talked about where we would travel if we had the extra money (and could find a babysitter for the extended period of time). Although it is not the most posh place to vacation, our dream trip would entail going to the Marshall Islands, where he served his mission. Doug often talks about going back and seeing the people who had such a significant influence on his faith and testimony. We would finish the trip up with a few days in the Florida Keys - fishing, scuba diving (me), and just lounging around watching the beautiful sunsets.

2. Self Portrait: Yup...this is me. Going on day 2 of the new hair cut...and feeling totally weird having to take a picture of myself. I feel much more comfortable behind the camera rather than in front (which is why you won't find too many pictures of me on this blog).

3. What My Kids Are Doing Right Now: I first started taking pictures for this photo tag after I put the girls down for their nap. Obviously, as the pictures display, they decided they were not tired and jumping on the bed would be more fun. When I finally got around to uploading the photos from the camera to the computer, the girls had finally dropped out of sheer exhaustion (about 2 hours after the first set of pictures were taken)

4. My Closet: Nothing too exciting closet, two occupants, and a really BIG mess.

5. My Favorite Room: Is, in fact, not a room at all. I decided to turn our upstairs hallway into a family photo wall - it displays pics from before Doug and I were hitched to present. All-in-all, I believe there are 25 pictures's a lot of fun to see how much we've all changed in just a few years. This is something I hope to continue in all our future homes (or apartments).

6. My Favorite Shoes: These flip-flops were bought about 3 years ago from the Rip Curl Outlet in Cabazon for about $5. They are definitely my shoe of choice six days out of the week - I do refrain from wearing them to church.

7. My Laundry Room: Or rather, our laundry closet. I cannot wait for the day when we live in a house with a full-fledged laundry room. In the meantime, however, we deal with the overly-crammed, accordion-door guarded closet...there is never enough room for sorting, washing, or folding, which is probably part of the reason I despise doing laundry so much.

8. My Second Bathroom: This is the girls bathroom, located upstairs towards the front of the house. I must admit, I will not miss this bathroom after we move - it is much too small to accommodate two potty-training girls, is has limited storage, and there is very little space to kneel while bathing the girls.

9. My Kitchen Sink: I am grateful for the double-divided sink, although I honestly don't think the entire thing has ever been empty since we moved into this house. I will miss the faucet greatly - it has probably been my favorite part of this whole house.

10. My Refrigerator: Here you have it - an inside and outside look at the fridge. Nothing too exciting...sorry about that. If I had done this a week ago, it would have been even more boring as our fridge was pretty much empty except for a gallon of milk, a carton of eggs, and some old fruit down in the drawers. Pathetic, I know...but I have to limit my shopping for the next week because I hate moving food.

So there you have it...these are the pictures of my Now I tag anyone who has the time, and the desire, to join in the fun!! (I always feel bad naming people because I don't want anyone to feel obligated).


  1. I love your hair. It's lighter too. You look very summer ready!

  2. I'm glad you did the tag. I hope you didn't feel pressured. I love this one because I get a glimps into your daily life and it makes me feel like I am that much closer to you. BTW - the hair is really super cute!!!

  3. No worries Cynth: I didn't feel pressured to do the tag. It actually turned out to be pretty amusing, so thanks for giving me a reason to put packing on hold and do something fun! Oh - and I hope you don't mind - I used the same closing line for the tag that you did...I though it summed it up well. Love you!

  4. I'm totally going to do this on my blog! Great idea!

    You can always tag me!!!

    You look great in your picture! Just the way I remember you! Actually, you always had curly hair when I saw you....

  5. remember you can always bring the girls here for an extended stay while you travel the islands. I have always wanted to go to GUam one day, i had a friend from there when i was in high school. so you can go, take pictures for me in return for babysitting. love ya!