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Monday, June 9, 2008

On the move....again...

So it's official. We will be moving (again) on Tuesday, June 24th to some apartments about 5 minutes south of the home we are currently in. We love the neighborhood we are in, and these apartments will also keep us in the same ward - which we also love. So, even though it means we will be down-sizing, the move will ultimately allow us to save up much faster for our own home.

Oh, and another TOTAL benefit of the apartment is that there are NO scorpions. NONE. That fact alone was pretty much the deal-winner for me. Wa-hoo!!


  1. That is what David said. Good for you guys. Does it have a pool? keep you cool in the summer. No scorpions that is a bonus, too. We would love to come help you and would if we could. How long will you be there? hopefully utilities will go down too. love you guys

  2. Hi! It's Kelli, I just saw your comment that you left way back in March. Sorry, anyway I would love to get to gether sometime, that would be so fun! What's your schedual look like? Your girls are so cute too!

  3. I hope the move goes well and I'm very happy to hear there won't be any scorpions (especially after reading your previous posts). I'm very relieved to hear the Roo is ok as well.