Monday, April 12, 2010

My Typical Day...

Washing clothes...getting discouraged by the never-ending demand
Washing least two full sink loads a day
Breakfast...usually cereal, yogurt, waffles or scrambled eggs
Computer time - scrapping, email, school work, etc.
Reading time....lots and lots of reading
Picking flowers...constantly (the girls, not me)
Making the bed...wishing for a nap
My weakness in life...Dr. P
Going for walks to the bluff, the beach, or park...or simply hanging around outside
Cooking with our half-functional stove/oven
Reading, writing, point out LOTS of a's and r's (as well as the other 24 letters of the alphabet)
Folding clothes...and eventually putting them away
And, of course...hanging out with these two little rugrats! (AK left, Roo right)

It may not be the most exciting life, but it's mine. I try to find joy in the little things....and simply deal with everything else that is thrown my way. Thanks for letting me share my typical day!!

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