Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good-bye 2010...

Let's see...we started the year off without a home...and now we finished it without a job. A rough start, a rocky ending...but I would be ungrateful if I didn't admit there was a lot of good in the months between. We found a great rental house in a wonderful neighborhood, moved into an absolutely fabulous ward, made new friends and reconnected with old ones, saw the girls grow healthier and stronger and more delightful with each passing day. We have grown together as a family, worked together to strengthen that special bond. We were surprised with the news that a little baby girl will join our family in May 2011. Our lives have been blessed more than I could have imagined, and while I don't know what this next year will bring I have faith that 2011 will bring more blessings to our little family. I am excited, nervous, indifferent, anxious...and ready to face whatever the new year has in store for me, Doug, and the girls.

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