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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Confession Time...

I think it's time. Time to admit that I'm a hoarder. Not a hoarder of physical objects, like on the reality show where people are living within stacks and stacks of boxes and items and such. Rather, I am a hoarder of creative inspiration. I love searching the web for crafts and projects and ideas. I wish I had the time and resources to copy all the things I see, but that's not possible right now. Maybe one day, just not now. Why then do I continue to search and save and search and save? Because seeing other people's creative endeavors inspires me, it helps me strive to be better, to think and create and improve things around me. Things have been a little rough lately...personally, emotionally, name it. a pick me up, I've been going back through my creative stash and figured I would share some of my favorite ideas.


Love the teal, love the eclectic collection of plates...but I would never have the guts to paint our ol' piano

This is a song that I sang to the girls as infants...and continued to sing to them as they got older...and now I sing it to Mac while rocking her to sleep. Something similar to this will get made soon...

Love the simplicity of the glass jars and the ribbon...ribbon makes everything cuter

Love the butterfly drape box (don't know the technical term but it sure is cute)...would love to do something like this in the girls' room

These are adorable...if only I had more wall space to hang these...or a playroom, for that matter

This is a great quote...something I need to be reminded of often

So cute...kraft paper, cherries, and adorable bi-colored could you go wrong?

I love the shutters being used as a functional backdrop to the desk...I've been scouring craigslist and Goodwill for some cheap shutters of my own but haven't had any luck. Bummer.

Another reminder I need often...

I love the eclectic-girly-whimsy of this room...if I ever get the time (and the patience) I would love to paint stripes like this in the girls' room

Such an adorable collection of chalkboards...the girls would absolutely love a wall like this

When I found my $27 wooden kitchen set at Goodwill (3 pieces at $9 each) I snatched it up with the hopes of making something uber cute like this...a year and a half later, that play kitchen is now sitting in a storage unit waiting for Mac to be old enough to play with it. Maybe by then I'll get it put together colorful and cheery...perfect!

Not sure what I like more...the hodge-podge collection of frames or the fun cluster of pompoms hanging from the ceiling (I still want to create something like that over Mac's crib...but on a much smaller scale)

Such a cute piece of family art...and I love the tiny little vase (silly, I know)

Love the art prints in this photo...the stacked birds and modular date are right up my alley

I love the cluster of photos around the big letter

With Halloween just around the corner, this is one of my favorite ideas for a homemade costume...too bad the girls don't share my love of owls

Love this mobile...this idea was a runner up to the cluster of pompoms for Mac's crib

Again, the cluster of letters and cute

Love the simplicity and pops of the painted shutters in the background

Felty, blocky cute (love the tongue sticking out)

Another super cute idea using felt and buttons...and perfect for the girls while they are learning to spell

One day, we will have a house with a room just for the kids...and when that day comes, I hope to create something that is bright and clean and cheerful...just like this room (isn't that corner couch so cute?)

One of my all-time favorites...some day I'll have a free wall to create something like this

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  1. I hear ya- not enough walls and not enough time! :) Sorry things have been rough lately. I'll be sure to remember you in my prayers. Take care and I hope you find a little creative time for yourself.