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Friday, September 7, 2012

Autobiography in a Bag - Reilly

Today, Reilly had the chance to present an "autobiography in a bag" to her first grade class. Basically, it was a way for Roo to introduce herself to her new classmates. Despite her shy-in-front-of-a-big-group tendencies, Reilly was super excited about this assignment and she had a hard time deciding which 5-6 items she would choose to represent who she is. SO, here is what she ultimately decided on...
Swimsuit - because Reilly is a little fish who LOVES the water. In a pool. In the tub. In the ocean. In the sprinklers. This girl the water. Period.
Kitty Beanie - because Reilly loves kittens and she loves fun hats. Last year, she had a pink & black beanie with braided tassels down the side...she wore it almost every day. The year before that was her pink-poofie-pompom beanie. This was the cap she picked out for this year...and she has worn it almost every day since we bought it.
LPS - Reilly loves to play with her Little Pet Shop animals. She names every single one of them and talks in different voices for the different animals...I love listening to her when she plays; it's always entertaining.
Glitter nail polish - from the time she was a toddler, Reilly has loved to get her toe-toes painted. That love continues today, and she almost always finds some way to integrate sparkles and bling into her mani/pedi's.
 Doll - Reilly loves dolls...I swear if it weren't for the top rail on the bunk, this child would probably fall out of her bed nightly on account of all the room her dolls take up.
Notice the sparkly alpha stickers on the brown paper bag? And the recurring pink and orange colors? Sparkles and pink...two of Reilly's favorite things. And if you look closely at the photos, you will see her other favorite animal (a turtle), her favorite place to eat (Old Spaghetti Factory), and some of her favorite pictures from the past 6 years.  
And here is my little Roo on "her" day...all smiles, as cute as can be (sorry for the blurriness - the camera on my phone is going out). I love you Reilly!!

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