Monday, September 3, 2012

Last Day of Summer 2012...

I know it isn't considered this by all, but to ME, Labor Day has always represented the last "official" day of summer. Here in California, most schools do not resume until after the national holiday, so as a kid this usually meant that Labor Day was my last day to enjoy daily swims in the pool, the beach, walks and bike rides to Express Stop, sneaking onto school property to play unsupervised on the playgrounds, and playing outside or with my friends without the worries of homework or schoolwork. Labor Day meant earlier bedtimes, resumed family schedules, organizing my new school wardrobe, and getting my backpack and school schedule organized.
In similar fashion, that is how we spent our Labor Day - we kept our day low key and easy going. Our day started with a morning of cleaning and organizing the twins' room, a breakfast of freezer waffles and pancakes, some outside play time, rocking out to Rhapsody tunes on the TV, a trip to the mall, a stop for milkshakes (A-vanilla, R-cookies and cream) and ice cream cones, BBQ chicken sandwiches, an evening stroll, wardrobe selection and modeling show, early showers and (an attempted) earlier bedtime. Nothing to fancy or rigid or scheduled. We didn't make it to the beach (bummer) or to our friend's BBQ/pool party as hoped (double bummer), but I think we enjoyed our day nonetheless. 
We hope your Labor Day (a.k.a official end of summer) was absolutely splendid!!

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