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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School, Back to School...

Today is the first day of the new school year. For Aiden and Reilly, the morning was filled with mixed feelings of excitement and uncertainty - they were excited for their teacher but were a little nervous because they didn't know of any girls from last year who would be in their class. At least they knew they would have each other, so that helped to calm some fears. We had everything prepped and ready last night (lunches, back packs, first day outfits, etc), so this morning was smooth sailing. The girls chose to eat hardboiled eggs, yogurt, and cinnamon muffins for breakfast. MacKenzie slept through all of the morning's hustle and bustle, waking up just before we needed to leave.

Of course I made the girls suffer through a first day of school photo shoot...but they were willing to oblige their ol' mom since they got to do some silly poses as well (typical from my two little characters). Once the pics were taken, we set off to school. Roo had a minor meltdown or two along the way (first about how the tongue on her shoes was bunching, then about wanting to go back to kindergarten and not first grade and how she was afraid kids might laugh at her "silly hair"...which I happen to think is adorable and fits her personality perfectly). It nearly broke my heart to see my little Reilly, who usually radiates confidence and positivity, to be filled with so much uncertainty and doubt about this morning. We were able to talk it out, give hugs and kisses, and after I wiped away her tears and Aiden promised to help her in class if she was feeling sad, we were off again to start their first day of first grade.
The school campus was filled with the expected chaos of the first day. We saw old friends and met some of the girls' new classmates. After just a slight hesitation, the girls went right on in to their classroom, dropped their lunches off, found their desks, and started chatting with their deskmates. Another set of quick hugs and kisses to me and MacKenzie, and then the girls said good-bye and that it was okay for me to leave.
The start of school brings mixed emotions for me as well. I am excited for Reilly and Aiden and I love watching them grow and develop and learn...all things that I know will happen this year. But I am also sad that I won't get to hear their laughter and chatter during the days when they're at school...their giggles are infectious and can brighten the worst of moods. I will no longer hear cries of "pikachoo" from the backseat as we go about our morning errands, and I will once again have to choose my own songs while driving in the car (the girls have become quite vocal about which songs they like to hear...and sing along to while driving). While the girls are in class, I will be MacKenzie's sole source of entertainment...poor little thing. I have loved watching Aiden and Reilly be big sisters to Mac and I know she will miss them as much as I will during the day. Hopefully, I can keep her as happy and occuppied as her sisters always seem to...but even so, I know the littlest one will be all smiles and giggles when after-school pick-up comes this afternoon!

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