Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall Festival...

Tonight was the annual fall festival at the girls' school. They were super excited and couldn't WAIT to go. This year, Aiden decided she wanted to be a vampire and Reilly opted to be a ghost. The girls really, REALLY wanted store-bought costumes this year but it simply wasn't in the budget. SO, after making a trip to Goodwill and the clearance fabric bin at Walmart, these are the costumes we came up with. 
Aiden kept telling me she wanted a long, fancy red dress. I found one at goodwill for $5 and simply had to remake/alter the top and the straps to get it to fit my little girl. I also found the cape at goodwill for a dollar, and the belt was made from some trim I had in my fabric stash. 
She seemed pretty happy with the final result.
Reilly was very specific with her costume wishes this year. "Mom - all you have to do is get a white sheet and cut holes out for the eyes. It's been a little chilly in the evenings and I didn't have any spare white sheets, so I bought enough clearance fabric to double-layer and create a more form-fitting ghost costume than the traditional charlie-brown-sheet-over-the-head. I also used some scraps of black lace to fill the eye holes so they could be larger and help with air ventilation. 
Reilly thought it was great that didn't have to smile for all of the photos because, as she kept saying "You can't see my face anyway, it's okay if I don't smile."
Mac didn't don a costume for the Fall Fair, but she was awfully cute in some festive tights and an old pumpkin tee (Reilly's favorite, as previously documented HERE)
Even with vampire teeth and fake blood, I really do think I have the cutest little "ghouls" around!!

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