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Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Night Lights...

Tonight we attended our first local football game. After seeing the high school on an almost daily basis for the past 2 1/2+ years, the girls asked if we would ever SEE one of the games. It happened to be homecoming, and I thought the girls would get an extra kick out of the seeing the floats and the princesses, so we decided to make it a late night and attend the football game. The lady at the ticket booth was super nice and let the twins in for free - after chatting them up about the princesses and everything they'd get to see. Then, Doug and the girls stocked up on kettle corn and licorice ropes while Mac and I found a seat close to the 50 yard line where we could see pretty much everything.
Aiden and Reilly ditched us a little after the 2nd quarter to go sit with a friend from church, who happened to be sitting a few rows in front. Talk about a flash forward to later teen years when I'm sure they will want to ditch us ALL the time. It was cute seeing them interact with my friend, whose daughter (whom the girls absolutely ADORE) was playing with the high school band for homecoming, and watching them break out a little and exercise a little independence and personal freedom.
Doug and MacKenzie entertained themselves with licorice ropes and silly faces. 
We didn't make it much past half-time, unfortunately, BUT everyone had a great time and I think tonight's game could be the start of a very fun family tradition!

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