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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Busy Bodies....

As most of you know, AK and Roo are pretty active girls. They love being outdoors and doing things and exploring. So, here are some pictures from earlier today while they were playing "in the backyard" (AKA our apartment patio).
Roo riding her bike (a Christmas present from last year that is still too big - her short little legs can't reach the pedals), and the girls popping out of the playhouse. Seriously, this is what they do all day - they love climbing in and out of the windows and popping out to say hello.
AK going the wrong way down the slide

Roo understanding the importance of staying hydrated
Notice the Princess shoes - a must have for these two, but don't let the sparkly heels fool you - these girls will hunt bugs and dig up dirt as well as any little boy their age.

What is the best way to end an afternoon of playing on the patio? With Otter Pops of course!! For being such small girls, they sure can down their popsicles. And check it out, even I got in on the OP action!

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