Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cover Girls...

Doug had a rough day at work yesterday, so in an attempt to cheer him up, the girls and I decided to hold an impromptu photo shoot to get some pictures together to e-mail him. As you can see from the following series of photos, it's pretty hard to get 2 almost-three-year-olds to cooperate and pose together for the same picture. We had a lot of fun doing this, and I figured you all might enjoy seeing our little photo shoot!

P.S. AK is in the white shirt, and Roo is wearing the brown w/strawberries shirt. The girls kept trying to look at themselves in their mirrored closet doors as I was trying to get them to sit with their arms wrapped around each other. Roo started making silly faces, then she got distracted by her octopus key chain...things just got more and more silly from that point on. The big smiles and silly faces in the last two photos are the results of getting zerbered (spelling?) by their mama.


  1. Cute, as always. They are just too sweet. Love ya

  2. I can't believe they are almost 3 - everyone is growing up way too fast - but they are adorable that's for sure. Miss you.

  3. They are so cute!!!!!!! How fun! I'm sure Daddy was cheered up!

    Are they identical? They look like they are to me, but I'm not sure!

  4. The girls are so darn cute. Makes me want kids *but don't tell my husband yet*. You have a beautiful family.