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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Girls Room

Some of you have asked for pictures of our new apartment, but I haven't posted them yet because I have been working hard at making this place feel like "home." Anyway, to appease the curious few, I am posting pictures of the girls room - which is the first one to be fully decorated.
AK's wall
Roo's wall

The play area
Cute little boxes (they sit on the little shelf above the play kitchen) - they were clearanced at Home Goods for about $5 each
These wall stickers were another bargain find, because I got them from the Dollar Store. The sheets are actually double-sided, so I got a ton of stickers for a great price...and, they're removable/reusable, so I can always take them with us when we move again.
These tutus were gifts for the girls from my sister Cynth...totally adorable, I know. When the girls aren't wearing them, they double as wall decor!
Frogger#2 - the humidifier; this is a must have for us, especially since AZ is so darn dry.
These are actually twin comforter sets I bought when we lived back in Oceanside. I loved the colors and the pattern, and I grabbed them when they went on clearance - total score for something the girls will have for a long time!


  1. the room is darling to say the least. cute stuff.

  2. Hi Babe! I love what you did with the girls' room! You are so creative and everything looks amazing! I haven't seen your blog in awhile and it was so fun to get caught up. I can't believe how much AK and Roo have grown and I can't believe that we haven't seen each other for two's been way too long. Thanks for letting me know about your 5K run on your birthday. I'm excited for you and all that you are doing!

  3. Hi Babe! I love what you've done will the girls' are so creative. Everything looks amazing! I can't believe how much they have grown up...we haven't seen each other in two years...that is way too long. Can you believe Mya turns two this week?
    Miss you and love you!