Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Five Years Young...

Although I am a little delayed in posting this, January 2 marked five years of marriage for me and D. FIVE years...Holy cow! The time has gone by so quickly, but yet it seems that D has been a part of my life forever. We have survived ups and downs, unexpected surprises, multiple moves (8 to be exact), good times and bad...and today we are a stronger couple because of it. D has improved my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined. He helps me to chill out when I need it, reminds me it's okay to laugh, encourages and motivates me to take care of me, and is patient, generous, loving, and forgiving. I am grateful to have had D by my side for the past five years, and I am looking forward to many, many more to come.

Now, for all those who want to know the intimate details of our night (haha...not really), we didn't exchange anniversary gifts this year but we did enjoy a nice evening out together, sans twins. A special thanks to J&A for the Red Lobster giftcard and to B,B,&B for watching the girls so that D and I could actually enjoy eating a warm meal by ourselves. D thoroughly enjoyed a plate of crab, shrimp, and lobster, while I was pleasantly surprised with the best mahi mahi I have had since I lived in the Florida Keys.

We stopped by a car dealership after dinner (I know, I know...we totally lived it up) to look at trucks and minivans, but it was pretty cold out and we missed the girls, so we headed back to "The Bobbi's" to hang out with family and enjoy some scrumptious chocolate cake. Pretty low key, but it was an absolutely wonderful night.

P.S. In celebration of our anniversary, I have completed the following "tag" (I've seen this on a few other blogs and figured what the heck - I just deleted some of the questions that asked for personal information). As usual, I'm not going to follow through with the traditional "tag" assignments, but feel free to let us know all about you and your special sweetheart if you have the time!

1.How long have you been married? 5 years
2.How long did you date? This is a tricky one to answer, because I swore forever I wasn't going to date D and that we were just friends. We met in April 2002 and although we hung out practically every day we didn't "officially" start dating until July 2003. D proposed in September 2003 and we were married 4 months later in January 2004.
3.Who eats more sweets? It depends...D eats more chocolate, pastries, and ice cream, but I eat more candy and popsicles and drink more soda.
4.Who said "I Love You" first? That would be totally just slipped out one day as I was getting out of D's car. I stood there for like a minute afterward thinking "Uhhhh...did I just say that? Maybe he didn't hear me?" Well...I guess it turns out he heard me, alright!
5.Who is taller? He is
6.Who can sing best? Neither of us are great, but he sings in Marshallese to the girls, so I think he takes this one...
7.Who is smarter? (OK seriously...what kind of a question is this?) We are smart in different ways...I am book smart, but D seems to know something about pretty much everything - he is very well rounded. I guess you could say my smartness is centralized whereas D's intelligence is much broader?
8.Who does laundry? Mainly I do, but D helps out when he can.
9.Who pays the bills? I do, but he earns the money.
10.Who sleeps on the right side? there a wrong side? I sleep on the side closest to the door, he sleeps on the side closest to the window.
11.Who mows the lawn? One of the benefits of renting an don't have to worry about lawn care or maintenance.
12.Who cooks dinner? Me....sometimes
13.Who drives? We both varies from one situation to another.
14.Who's first to admit when they are wrong? I'm not sure if either of us are good at doing this, but we don't seem to hesitate pointing out if we think the other person is wrong!
15.Who kissed whom first? D kissed me least, he tried to but I usually avoided him by holding Olivia the cat in my hands when we said good-night... :0)
16.Who asked who out first? D asked me out first; we went to lunch at Ruby's on the Pier.
17.Who wears the pants? We both do, but he looks better in them.

Happy Anniversary Papa! I love you!!


  1. cute. you guys are cute as can be! sound like you had a fun anniversary dinner. the simpler the better!

  2. HAppy Anniversary! Yay for 5 year milestones.

    Hey, you might want to re-think the amount of personal info in this post (full names, exact age, etc.) We have had issues lately with friends getting blog stalkers and stealing their info. Just a thought. Love you!

  3. Hey C - thanks for the advice. I had similar thoughts as I was filling in the information, so I think I'll give in to my better judgement and go back and revamp the post a little. Sometimes I think I'm being a little too cynical and untrusting; other times I know I'm being a little too trusting. I've actually been thinking about making the blog private, just so I can make sure I know and trust the people who get to read all about us. What do you think? Did your friends go private after they had blog stalker issues?