Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rainbows and Sunshine

I found this quote from Richard G. Scott on another blog. It really hit home, so I figured I would share.

“The challenges you face, the growth experiences you encounter, are intended to be
temporary scenes played out on the stage of a life of continuing peace and happiness.
Sadness, heartache, and disappointment are events in life. It is not intended that they be the
substance of life. I do not minimize how hard some of these events can be. When the lesson
you are to learn is very important, trials can extend over a long period of time, but they
should not be allowed to become the confining focus of everything you do. Your life can and
should be wondrously rewarding. ”

Everyone faces personal struggles and challenges at some point or another. With everything that get thrown at us in life, it is easy to wonder when, or even IF, we will be able to consider this life truly rewarding and happy. I have more good days now than bad ones, but there was a period of time when all I could focus on was the bad...I was depressed, resentful, and found little joy. I love this quote because it helped remind me that everything is given to us for a reason.

Our lives are not always going to be rainbows and sunshine, but the darkness of our trials will end eventually. In the meantime, however, we need to try and remember the good things...the rewarding things...and learn from everything else this life has to bring.

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