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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Silly, Sneaky Girls...

You think I would know by now that quiet 3-year olds are up to no good. We have had enough incidents in the past (i.e. the turquoise blue paint in the bedroom, the blue sharpie marker in the kitchen, the mysterious traveling poo...) that it should trigger some internal alarm if the noise level in our home falls below a certain know, like a built-in mischief warning so that I can catch the girls before they've done too much damage. Unfortunately, this mama doesn't have anything like that (darn it), which is why we now have a custom-designed Crayola couch.
Our beautiful couch mural - it's one-of-a-kind! (it's kind of hard to see the full extent of damage in these pictures)
The (AK and Roo)

The sad thing is, I was sitting on the couch doing accounting homework while the girls did this. I would like to think that I'm not normally this oblivious to I am blaming the 8 page, 5 spreadsheet assignment for my negligence. By the time I finally realized what was going on, the girls had created a mural materpiece....across the entire backside of the couch, including the cushions they had put on the floor earlier that afternoon. They were so proud - they kept telling me they wrote their names and that it was sooo beautiful. I regret to say I didn't feel the same sense of feelings were nothing close to happy or proud, which is why the girls were sent immediately to their bedroom for the night, without sippy cups or lovies, and ordered to go directly to sleep.

Fortunately, these two sneaky gals have a papa who loves them dearly; after a few mintues of tears and protests, he gave in and took them sippy cups, as well as cheetah and teddy. I went in an hour or so later and apologized for yelling at them and told them I loved them. They weren't phased at all by the incident - they were still so proud of their drawing. I doubt these girls will quit their silly, sneak ways any time oh man, are we in for some tough times with these two!

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  1. I love the new look of the couch. Very modern. hehe. Gotta love those girls.