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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Musings of a Three Year Old...

Kids say the darnedest things, at times...and other times they just act out right silly. I have tried keeping a mental list of all the cute little things I've heard the girls say and do, but since my memory isn't the best, I decided to share a few...hopefully you can appreciate them as much as I do!
  • It's not "airplane" ... it's "Hairplane" (put a HUGE emphasis on the H)
  • It's not "snuggle" ... it's "skuggles"
  • "Squishy" is not just an adjective ... it is, in fact, a comforter, a playmate, a skuggle buddy, and one of the girls favorite things to get at the Dollar Store
  • Yes - there is a difference between "kitchen water" (from the faucet) and "cold water" from the water cooler. Roo is a pro at telling the difference, and if you give her the wrong one - you better watch out!
  • They aren't called the "ABC's" ... they are called "ARY's"
  • They are not called "noodles" ... they are called "noonoo's"
  • We do not refer to them as "toe nails" ... they are called "toe-toes" and should be painted at all times
  • Favorite exclamations: "Oh my goodness!" "Awww, man!" "Hey! Hey mama! Listen to ME!" "No...I do it all myself!" "I no know" "What you do-ding?" "Oh NO!" (it doesn't really do the girls justice until you hear them say these...seriously, they are the cutest)
  • Anytime the girls catch a whiff of freshly cut grass they go sniff, sniff..."Mama, it smells like grasshopper buggies!"
  • Similarly, anytime the girls catch a whiff of something bad they say "Mama...cows go poo-poos!" as their faces contort into a look of disgust
  • It's not Jiu Jitsu ... it's ju-jit-jit-shoe
  • Anyone in a uniform is automatically given the title of "police occifer"
  • It's not "gum"'s "gunk"
  • It's not "small" ... it's "baby"
  • It's not "big" ... it's a "mama or papa" (for squishy and mama squishy)
  • Anything sparkly or shiny is referred to as "sprinkly"
    Sprinkles make everything better

These are just a few random pictures I uploaded from my phone...I believe they were all taken in December, but I still thought they were pretty cute to share. The top two were taken when the girls and I were going Christmas shopping. Roo had to have her hat and glasses with her, and AK didn't have either, so she confiscated mine. The other four pics are from when we went to Mesa Frozen Yogurt. It's the best place in AZ to get yogurt...seriously, it's what helped me get through my pregnancy because it is just up the street from where we used to live in Gilbert. Roo finished hers before AK did, so she convinced her sister she needed to share. I just love these sweet little gals...

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