Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spiderman Ain't Got Nothing on Us...

Spidertwins, Spidertwins,
They do whatever a spider can
Climb up walls, any size,
They hunt all sorts of buggies, such as baby flies
Look Out!
Here come the Spidertwins.

Are they strong? Listen bud,
They could take on the biggest stud.
Can they swing from a thread?
Just take a look overhead
Hey, there!
There go the Spidertwins.

Spidertwins, Spidertwins
Friendly neighborhood Spidertwins
Full of creativity
They're rarely bored
Nonstop laughs are a great reward.

To them, life is a great big party
Silly, sassy, and very smarty

Look out world,
They are the Spidertwins!

**Yes...those are underpants on their head** AK (above left) did this while Doug and I were folding clothes last night; apparently the pile of clean undies inspired her to try something new. Roo (above right) thought it was hilarious, so she instantly joined in the fun. They were pretty upset when I made them take the panties off their heads for the shower, and even more upset when I wouldn't let them go to bed wearing their "spidey masks." That's a bummer about being the always end up spoiling the fun. Still - it gave all of us some pretty good laughs...hope you enjoy seeing our Wednesday night activities.


  1. That is so funny and cute. I love the things that kids do!

  2. That is hilarious!!!!! I love the pictures!

    If only my underware were tight on my head...

  3. so funny - thanks for sharing that. Undies on the head is one thing my girls have yet to do, but K is young, give her time. . . :o)

  4. Oh my god, that's hysterical.