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Monday, February 23, 2009

Good Reads, New Links...

So, I added two new links to my sidebar. The first is for a site titled "Whatever." I discovered it earlier today as I was searching for some new dinner recipes. After perusing through the blog and reading some posts, I decided it is definitely one I'll have to return to...I just love the vibrant colors, photos, and happy "feel" of the blog. There is so much on this blog that [I hope] will inspire more creativity, craftiness, and happiness in my domestic responsibilities.

"Whatever" led me to another that discussed recent ordeals and trials of a small Kansas family. I was moved and humbled as I read about the family's roller-coaster ride through stage 4 cancer with their baby girl Cora. In just 3 short weeks, the family's life changed forever. I feel so bad for the family, even though I have never met them; the whole thing made me realize just how many blessings I, friends, religion, good health....and most especially, my husband and two little girls. I cannot imagine what these parents are going through right now, but I figured that maybe I could help out by posting a link to the benefit project that is going on in there behalf; the second new link is titled the "Cora Paige Project."

Now I am going to get off this computer and get some extra snuggles and kisses from my two beautiful girls. I realize there is a LOT in my life I take for granted, and I need to be more appreciative of all that I have...after all, who know what tomorrow will bring?

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