Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jiu Jit-Jit-Shoe...

Doug competed in his 2nd-ever Jiu Jitsu tournament this past weekend; all-in-all I would say he did pretty well. Out of the 14 people in his weight class, Doug placed 4th. The two guys who beat him ended up placing in 1st and 3rd. The girls loved seeing their papa out there....they know he does "jiu jit-jit-shoe" but they rarely see what it is, so it was a lot of fun getting to see all of his hard work and training pay off on the mat.

Our niece and nephew also competed earlier in the day (unfortunately, the girls and I missed their matches...sorry guys - I'll try to be on time for the next tournament); T took first in his weight class, and although L didn't place, she put all those boys in their place and showed them that girls can do jiu jitsu. Great job to both T&L for all their hard work...you two are awesome!!

Below are some pics of Doug during the tournament; I tried getting a video clip on here but the file size is too large so it won't upload...if anyone knows how to edit the file size of video clip, your help would be greatly appreciated!

Although Doug had hoped to take a medal home, he did manage to go home with the cutest girls in the stands. Medal or not, Roo (Jiu) and AK (Jitsu) were so proud of their papa.
Thanks to those who came out to see Doug compete; I know he greatly appreciated the support. And, thanks B&B for the pics and video clips...next time I'll make sure to grab my camera before I leave the house!

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  1. wahoo - way to go Doug!! and could those t-shirts be ANY cuter! Atleast not as cute as the two little girls wearing them! XOXOX