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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cloud 9 and Good Eats

So...I'm not sure what started it all, but lately Roo and AK have been obsessed with climbing trees. Every time we pass the smallest shrub, the girls have to stop and test it out to see if it's something that's climbable. Well, they hit the jackpot on Friday while hanging out with their cousins and they found the perfect climbing tree. Honestly, they could not have been happier...they were on Cloud 9 and had an absolute blast. Here are some pics of their fun time in the tree branches.

Valentine's Day was also a lot of fun. In the morning, Doug went out shooting with his dad and our brother-in-law Bryce, which left me and the girls to ourselves. AK and Roo got their toe-toes painted V-day style (translation: pink and sparkly), then they let me experiment with some up-do's on their hair. After lunch, we went to Fresh n' Easy to pick up some desserts, Sport Chalet to get some cupid gifts for "our man" (a.k.a. Papa), and then to my SIL's house for a fun and festive (not to mention absolutely delicious) V-day dinner, consisting of steaks, potatoes, salads, asparagus, yummy bread rolls, and Martinelli's? (can we say YUMMY?). We had a wonderful time, but we did miss not being able to see all of our family and friends. So, since we weren't able to be with all of you on the official "Day O' Love," here are some pics to help you share in our fun! Enjoy....
Roo...making silly faces in hopes that I won't snap the photo, and admiring her pink with blue sprinkley toe-toes.
AK...avoiding eye contact at all costs, loving her pink-on-pink toe-toe selection, and singing one of her all-time favorite songs "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" while waiting for the nail polish to dry.
I don't quite remember what started this, but the girls and I ended up waddling around the kitchen quacking like ducks...they thought it was hilarious, but I just loved hearing their sweet giggles.
1.) "Mama...I no want a picture" 2.)"Don't take my picture, mama...hmmph" 3.) "Okay fine...CHEESE!!"

"Mama, here am me!" (Basically, AK's game of "now you see you don't")
The kids table (L), the adults table (R), and seriously...what would Valentine's Day be without beautiful roses to share?
Doug's highlight of the evening...getting serious snuggles from Roo (AK was on the other couch, snuggling her dear ol' Cheetah friend)


  1. looks like you had a fun day! we wish we could of met us with you all. have a happy sunday! love ya

  2. oh man, i miss being near you and your family - you guys are having so much fun and i'm missing it! it looks like you had a great valentine's day and know that you are in my heart and my thoughts. i love you!