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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Severe Weather...

We recently received reports that severe weather hit Chandler, Arizona on Friday, February 13th. According to eye witnesses, a set of devastating twinadoes struck a Chandler apartment at approximately 9:25 am. The twinadoes hit hard and fast, so it's amazing the apartment did not experience total destruction.

Preliminary reports show the initial impact occurred in bedroom #2; the damage path then extended through the family room into the kitchen. Dining chairs, kitchen utensils, and magnets and items from the face of the fridge were knocked down and displaced. Casualties include two large containers of sprinkles, a movie stash of gummy bears, and a personal-size piece of white cake with white frosting and sprinkles, in addition to handfuls of hair that appear to have been cut by a sharp object. A key witnesses also reported severe thunderstorms and a rare mama-nadoe, which showed surprising restraint in impact compared to the damage caused by the twinadoes. Fortunately, the effects of the twinadoes were not long-lasting and no other areas of Chandler seemed to be effected.
You know, it's funny...everyone always tells me how grateful I should be for having twin girls and not twin boys. I always hear how much trouble and mischief boys can get into and how lucky I am to have such sweet angels. Lately, I haven't been feeling so seems the girls entered a "destructive stage " as soon as they turned 3 years old. Between couch murals, potty-training-resistance, kitchen mayhem, and their recent interest in taking scissors to their hair, I am afraid to say the girls have me beat. Obviously, two toddlers can cover more ground in half the time than just one kid...but not all toddlers are THIS destructive, right? It seems that every day brings about a new mess, a new disaster that needs to be cleaned up. I suppose I can hope the girls are getting everything out now, which means their teenage years will be resistance-free....but I know better than to hope for that.
Maybe the girls know things about me I don't even know....things they know I need to learn. And maybe, these things can only be learned through the daily trials of raising two very active, mischeivous, adventurous, curious, daring, and courageous girls. I am lucky to be their mama....I am lucky for the things they teach me...I am lucky for days and experiences like this - experiences that test my patience, teach me that it's okay to laugh at the madness and choas, and help me to grow as a mother of the "terrible twinadoes."

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