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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Adventures in Potty-Training...

So, our lives haven't been too exciting as of late. We've really been trying to get the girls potty trained, which means a lot of our time is spent at home - primarily in the bathroom. This isn't a recent task for us (we've been trying half-heartedly for a while), but seeing as how the girls are now 3 years old, I would like for them to be able to enjoy a couple of days of preschool or possibly a dance class. Unfortunately, it is required they be potty-trained before I can enroll them in these activities.

Honestly, I cannot tell you how much I despise potty-training. I think this is the one responsibility of motherhood that would make me reconsider having any more children. I can handle the dirt and bugs, tantrums and screaming, illnesses, non-stop chaos and mayhem, piles of dirty laundry and dishes, and the occasional bloody accidents that are normally associated with toddlers - but having to deal with the BM cleanups of 2 kids is seriously testing my limits. AK and Roo have their on-days and their off-days; usually, these don't fall on the same day as each other. They know when, why, and what they are supposed to with the potty, but they get so interested in everything else they simply won't take a break to "take care of business." I can't force this on them - it has to be something they want to do. We've tried everything, from rewards (candy, stickers, ice cream cones) to bribes (we've said we'll take them to Disneyland when they are fully potty-trained) to punishments (they lose whatever movie or toy that distracted them from going to the potty) and honestly, NOTHING works for more than a day. It's frustrating and discouraging, but we have managed to have some good times in the potty room...occasional moments of silliness and laughter to help pass the time away. Here are a few pics of our adventures in potty training...

AK displaying her determination in NOT going potty ("I no want to, mama...hmmph!"); Roo's look pretty much shows how we're all feeling at this point.
The girls being silly, goofing off, and pretty much doing everything they can in a bathroom except going potty. They are not always so chipper and happy when they have to sit in the bathroom, so I'll take whatever smiles I can manage to get.
And yes...there is life aside from potty training. The pics below are glimpses into what we've been up to when we're not in the bathroom.
AK reading all the books she can get her hands on, and Roo jumping off the back of the couch.
Having to put all the keys back onto the laptop after the girls decided they didn't want me to do any more homework that day (we all know the old "my dog ate my homework" excuse doesn't fly anymore; do you think my professor would accept the "my daughters mutilated my computer" excuse instead?
And lastly, enjoying the beautiful weather we have been blessed with recently by going to the park as much as we can. AK continues to climb on everything she can...she's getting pretty good at scaling the rope ladders and rock climbing chutes; the girls LOVE to run "just like Nay-ne" (their cousin Layne); and they both get very sad when their momma says it's finally time to go home (can you see why I have such a difficult time telling them "No" sometimes? Just look at Roo's adorable face).


  1. Your girls taking the keys off your computer made me laugh...I'm sorry, I know that's frustrating, but its quite funny too.

    Have you tried "magic panties"? I can't remember if it was Marian or Elise, but my mom bought her really frilly pretty underwear and told her they were magic. I don't know why, but it worked.

  2. I so hear you on the potty training. Honestly, it has made me NOT want anymore kids. It's the worst part of mother-hood (so far). Finley will be 4 in a couple months and he will only sit on the potty when the timer goes off every 45 minutes. He goes happily most of the time, but he won't go sit on his own. So if we don't ask him to do it, he just goes about his business in his pull-ups & underwear. I still have money that you will have them potty-trained before him! :)

  3. Ditto on the potty training. I thought that I'd try a little early with Allie (she's almost 2 1/2) -- umm...that lasted for 2 days. I'll wait in hopes of not having to clean up pee EVERYWHERE!!! :)