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Friday, April 3, 2009

For the Love of Friday....

Today, I am loving:

- That there has only been ONE potty accident today so far....for our two girls, that's not too bad!!
- Afternoon skuggles while reading to the girls
- Watching AK and Roo jump from the coffee table to the couch...again...and again...and again...laughing hysterically every time
- A nicely vacuumed floor
- Cool April breezes...we won't have them much longer
- General Conference weekend
- A fun day of scrapbooking, especially when the majority of pages were made with some **NEW** kits from Pixie Perfect Designs (available Saturday, April 3)
::Toddler Time - Girl:: (available Saturday 4.4.09) by PPD
::Gypsy Spring:: by PPD and ::Forest Friends:: by Ziggle Designs
-Fantastic scrapbooking freebies, such as the following from TaylorMade that are available at OScraps through April 5th


  1. you are so crafty
    i love seeing the pages you construct - even they are templates, they fit your style to a T

  2. One day and one accident? That's HUGE! I hope it continues!

  3. So cute! How do you find time to scrap? Totally not fair!

    My favorite is the snail and mushroom one