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Friday, April 10, 2009

{sIx} tAg...

Here is the {sIx}th photo, in the {sIx}th file of my Pictures folder, of which I cleverly titled using the {sIx}th letter of the alphabet...and, which I am cleverly posting on the {sIx}th day of the week.....
Family Foto from April 2006

This was at my niece K's baby blessing, which took place in Colorado 3 years ago! I cannot believe how much all of these little tykes have grown in just three short years. It is soooo appropriate that this turned out to be the picture for the tag, because the girls and I will be going up to Utah in a couple of weeks so all of the grandkids on the Leach side (my side) will be getting together again! We are so very excited for the trip...hopefully I'll have a new camera by then so that I'll be able to snap some new photos of this adorable little clan.

Now, you should all know by now that I don't ever name people in tags....but, if you want to tag yourself, per say, here's what you do:

1. Open your Documents/Pictures file folder

2. Go to your {sIx}th file

3. Go to your {sIx}th picture

4. Post the picture and blog about it

5. Name the picture (bonus points for using the {sIx} letter of the alphabet)

6. Tag {sIx} people to do the same thing

(see how clever that is....6 steps to complete {sIx} tAg). Enjoy!!

1 comment:

  1. YAY! So excited to see you in a couple of WEEKS! It's been too long!