Friday, April 10, 2009

You Data Update....

So, a few posts ago I wrote about YouData, and I received a couple of responses asking if it was a legit business. Well, today is Friday and sure enough I received an email stating that payment for $5.25 had been made to my paypal account. Just to make sure it was really real, I decided to go and purchase a digiscrap kit I've been eyeing for a while...and I was able to pay for it using my paypal balance! Sweet!!

As it turns out, YouData seems pretty's a screen print of my PP account page after I received the email. I guess the 5 minutes I spent viewing ads was really worth it!!

So, here's the link again if you wanted to sign up:
It's not a means of making BIG money, that's for sure (this week I've only accumulated $0.43). Just a reminder that they don't send you the cash directly, it's routed to paypal...but for anyone who buys things using paypal I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to have a little extra $$ in your account balance.

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